September 25, 2010

ok, i know that i am already annoying with my christmas countdown posts...
BUT get used to it!
i am little miss christmas!
and this morning, as i awoke at 7am for work on a saturday (ugh)
my first thought was...
3 months 'till christmas!
i love this cute little christmas tree,
i can't wait to get one for my place:)
photo from here


  1. WHOA. SO CLOSE! It seems like New Years was just a month or two ago! Can't believe it.

  2. This is not annoying at all! I'm so ready for Christmas, too. It's about time to start thinking about Christmas projects, too! YAY!!! I'm really excited about my Christmas tree this year, too. I decided I was going to have a Charlie Brown Christmas tree!! :)


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