September 28, 2010

pen pals // snail mail!

hey guys,
so last night i was thinking..
i wanna take up a new hobby!
& i also want a few pen pals.

it would be fun to have someone to write to, to talk about life, and just anything we felt like.
it would also be wonderful to get mail!

& i am talking just letters...
because packages get awfully expensive, and for some reason sending them from canada is insanely expensive!
so just letters for now.

if you're interested send me an email ok?
i think this will be fun!♥

happy tuesday eh!


  1. i'm always interested in letters from you! we don't write as much as we used to. we need to change that, stat!

  2. I'm interested! I'll shoot you an email. :)

  3. I will write you letters! But I'm only like two hours from you, so I guess it seems silly haha.

  4. yayyy! tammy, do i have your new address?

    carly, i agree! we are changing that asap! :)

    thanks lauren!

    and a lovely little world, no... that's not silly! it will be fun. no matter where you live!


  5. So...I was browsing a blog (not sure if know them or if they just follow you - I love you to the moon?) Anyway, I saw your button and had to stop by because I read the word cupcake and uummmm, yea...I'm obsessed with all things cupcake. So I stopped by and the first post I see is about snail mailing! I've wanted a snail mail pal since I was a little girl. I was an only child and bored to tears.

    I asked for a snail mail pal on my blog for my birthday this past june and got several fakers to respond...haha. They said they would. I wrote them a letter and they never wrote back. So sad.

    I don't really KNOW you and you don't really KNOW me, but if you're interested....shoot me an email @


    If you don't wanna, that's cool too.

  6. Ok, I'm back.

    Just read your profile. I feel like such a stalker now. I promise, I'm not a creep. Just totally stoked to follow your blog now because we have the following in common:

    Our love for: cupcakes, red lipstick, New York, 1950's (seriously, I have a tattoo of a pin up girl in NEW yORK!) The beatles (though I'm more of a specific John Lennon fan), and at least five more things!

    Ok, I'm leaving now. ;)

  7. It's the same address as before. Didn't move yet. LIve in Rosmalen! Do you have that one...?

  8. I don't know when it got so expensive to mail stuff from Canada, but what a bummer! I'm in for being pen pals! :) I'll send ya an e-mail!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)