September 6, 2010

red heads rule!

red is love!
i love the colour red, always have & always will.

right now my hair is getting really light, from the sun, washing it and just because i haven't re-done the colour. this friday i am getting it done again, but this time RED (rather than more orange-ish highlights) & i am so excited.
here are a few photo's of how i want it to look ;;

& in the spirit of red hair, here are some cute as can be red heads :)
♥ ♥ ♥


  1. oh yes...redheads are the best ones! ;)

  2. this post!
    i've always hated my red hair as a i wouldn't dream of changing it:)
    i'm sure your red hair will look amazing!

  3. Seriously, I am waiting to dye my hair red again, but I'm also looking for a job so it might have to be a little more subtle than my normal blood-red. I normally do it the color of that first picture you have.
    I bet you'll have some gorgeous pictures of you and your red hair soon. :)

  4. yay!! i love the first couple pictures-that red is HOT! please show pictures after you get it done, you are too cute! xoxo

  5. wooo! I actually just got my hair done just like those! <3

  6. ariel, yessss! she's my favourite red head. you missed anne of green gables, who happens to be my second favourite red head! hehe :)

    i am SO missing my red hair. i always go dark as 'something different' because well, you know me...i want to change my hair every other week haha but i always always go back to red in the end. there's a bottle of manic panic under my sink that has been calling my name ever since i dyed my hair brown haha. now that it's faded out a bit and the red is coming through again it just may be time.

  7. love it! Can't wait to see you doo!


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