September 25, 2010

saturday night love!

i am stoked for tonight because SNL is premiering!
pete and i are huge snl geeks, we like to stay home and watch it on saturday nights.
i love laughing so hard! best ever.
tonight is extra special because a friend of mine who pete and i met while working on the cruiseship, GOT A JOB ON SNL!
we met her while she was a cast member of second city, and now she is one of the new features on snl! how amazing is that?
so we are even more excited to watch tonight, because we might get a glimpse of vanessa!
here are some pictures of vanessa, she is soooooo funny and the cutest/sweetest girl ever.
wishing her TONS of luck tonight!
you go girl!

will anyone else be watching?

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  1. I will watch it if i can stay awake!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)