September 26, 2010

sunday la la love.

inspirational quote sunday! see above photo.
i love this saying♥

today was such a perfect day with my boy
* slept in! pete made me breaky:)
* went to get my mac fixed! (i can upload photo's again!)
* hungout in dundas square
* got a delicious smoothie & then had a little picnic in the park, reading, playing frisbee, being awesome...
* french onion soup for dinner! & pumpkin pie for dessert!

ok, so i know i was going to do my photo a day for september challenge, but because i was having some technical problems, i decided i will do it in october instead! deal?

i hope everyone had a wonderful weekend:)

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  1. I love that quote and I so agree with it! Hugs friend your posts always make me smile!


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