September 14, 2010


bff love ♥!
so, as i mentioned earlier this week on my blog (and lots of times in the last well...year or so) my bff carly is getting married this saturday!!!
i am the maid of honour and am so excited:)
carly and i have been friends for over 20 years,
and she is one of the most important people in my life. she's such an amazing person, she's a wonderful nurse, and honestly the best friend of all time.
we talk on the phone every single day and i know her better than i know anyone.
i feel so thankful to have her in my life, and i try to tell her that all the time.
she's marrying the greatest guy ever, who is also a dear friend of mine.
i am sooo excited for them to share their life together!
this saturday is going to be beyond magical...
i loveeeeee my dress , it's SOOO pretty!
& i can't wait to see everyone all dressed up,
but most of all see my bff as a bride.
i am getting chills just thinking of it!
i love weddings!
& of course i promise to take soooo many pictures!!!
my next few days are going to be beyond busy! eeeee!
also, did i mention who was baking the cupcakes?!
me of course!!!

*wednesday ; carly is coming to my work to get her hair done and then we are doing lunch together. later on fab, natalie, robyn and pete are coming over for a pizza/top model party! (how appropriate, haha), packing up my bag..
*thursday ; getting all waxed and touched up at work, lol. the rehearsal dinner! and then drinks and snacks after.
*friday ; doing some errands in the morning, groceries, and then baking about
150 cupcakes!!!!!:), then heading to car's for a bff pre-wedding sleepover and girs night :)
*saturday ; WEDDING DAY! going to my work to all get our hair done and then to the venue and then carly and derek are getting married!

anyway, sorry for my excitement,
i really can't help it!
have an amazing week...
and i promise to come back next week as a full time blogger.
you guys rock!



  1. Aw!!!! What a great week/weekend it'll be!!! Congrats to your bff! <333

  2. What a sweet happy post! And you seriously have the best smile :D

  3. thanks michelle! i can't wait! :)

    and a lovelylittleworld, awwww you are making me blush. THANKYOU!

  4. Aww! You are adorable together! Best friends are the best. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Good luck on the cupcakes!

  5. So exciting! :) You two look like the best of friends!


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