October 29, 2010


& happy halloweekend friends!

so, last night...
i was sitting in my living room, painting my toes bright pink (for my costume!) and watching little shop of horrors which by the way is AMAZING, i hadn't seen it in so long.
anyway, so i am sitting there, watching...

& then i see it...
and let me tell you guys, i have a SERIOUS fear of mice. i just hate rodents.
i could kill 20 spiders but seeing a mouse is like my biggest fear.
and figures, it was the one day that pete wasn't there to protect me! hahaha.
so i called him basically crying!
it was such a funny situation when i look back now.
so pete did research and saw that mice had the smell of peppermint so i was running around my place spraying this peppermint spray, lololol.
i also called my bff fab (who lives downstairs) and once he got home he was like "JULESSSS, you can't go to sleep with a mouse in here" - so he had a trap downstairs, and brought it up and then said he would check on it this morning (because, of course i was really not down for seeing a dead mouse in a mouse trap!) and guess what! it was in the trap this morning!
(sorry if anyone likes mice, or thinks i am a bad person for doing this, but i realllllly don't want little mice hanging around my cute-as-can-be apartment)
so all of this seemed a bit ironic because tomorrow at work i am dressing up as...

so, today is friday but i do have to work tomorrow. hmph!
today is also one of my bestie's birthday's! jordan!
so after work i am getting all katy perry'd up and going to celebrate with him & lots of friends.
tomorrow at work i will be minnie mouse,
and then go out again for round 2, with my russell brand by my side!

today is also hot as f*#k friday!
this weeks hottie is penn badgley♥
i like him in gossip girl, but since there are so many other cute boys on that show it's hard to focus on just him. but when i saw easy A a few weeks ago, i was like WHOA babe alert! he was so adorable in it. (& i LOVED the movie by the way!)
so here is this yummy babe for you to enjoy today;

happy halloween everyone!
have so much fun, take lots of photo's
& be safe


  1. I hate mouse aswell!! We have had them a few times in the house and also in my room iiieeeeee....

    Penn is soooo HOT!!! Why aren't there any cute guys here in Holland?

  2. oufttt. Penn is seriously hot! x

  3. Enjoy your weekend!! And how cute minnie mouse!! XO

  4. Omg I love that movie too! It is too cute! I would have freaked out over that mouse.. haha Hope you have a good weekend! :)

  5. Little Shop is one of my all time favorite movies. I can remember watching it as a kid with my mom! such a good one.

  6. Ahhhhhhhh! Bummer about you finding a mouse! That's awesome that in the morning it was all taken care of though, haha. And I definitely LOLed when you said you were dressing up as Minnie Mouse! hehe too funny. :) Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


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