October 25, 2010

happy 2 months 'till christmas everyone!
i've been counting down since about...6 months & boy does time FLY BY!
i can't wait until we get into november & i start decorating my place so cute and christmasy.
i promise to take lots of photo's of the cuteness
i had a really good weekend :)
it consisted of ;
+ mikie's birthday party on saturday night, lots of flip cup
+ going to buddies (gay bar) and having so many dance battles!
+ keeping pete up until 4am on saturday night with my insane amount of energy
& sunday...
it was a lazy sunday, but somehow extremely productive
pete is such a good handyman! honesty, it's so impressive. together we did so much to my apartment and i am sooooo happy about it!
+ new mini coat hook in kitchen
+ hung adorable ikea lamp from ceiling
+ hung my crosby olympic gold medal game photo
+ hung a bunch of picture frames!
+ hung 2 shelves that look so cuuuuute
+ went to next door to this adorable store and got 2 vintage posters for my place, one is san fransico and one is new york! i will post pictures soon!:)
+ had a little tea party
+ made dinner for us, and fab
+ watched SCREAM!

&&&& now i have lots to do today
+ go freshen up my colour at work
+ go to the halloween stuff to get my wig!
+ go to dufferin mall (walmart & dollarama!)
+ VOTE!!!
+ laundry & gossip girl night with sarah


  1. Oh my goodness, I love that christmas room! So sweet :) Can't wait to see how you decorate your place, I know it will look adorable! We are getting pretty excited for christmas around here too! :)

  2. Christmas, wow this year went by so fast!
    Sounds like you had a great weekend :)

  3. Haha WHOA you had a jam packed weekend! Sounds like a ton of fun though. :) I can't believe how soon Christmas is! AH! Crazy! That means my birthday is close!! Hahaha.


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