October 5, 2010

hi guys!
happy GLEE night.
who watched it tonight?
i absolutely loved it! i must admit this season has gotten a bit intense and serious,
but i think it's good that they are touching on some real life issues!
tonights episode was awesome and of course my favourite part was when kurt sang
"i want to hold your hand" by the beatles...
not only did i love it because of the fact that it was a beatles song, but kurt was singing it to his daddy, and i am always extra sensitive on that subject because of my dad passing away. it's already sad enough as is, but that touched me even more so because of that.
i can't even wait till next week!

&& that brings me to today's daily photo for my
october LIFE IS GOOD photo challenge;

october 5th;
these are my little gleeks! since glee started back up, tuesday night has been GLEE night with my gays! (i can call them that because i am a huge fag hag/queen bee hahaha)
anyway, tuesday's are usually kind of crumby because they are my monday as far as work goes, but since we started our glee nights i have loved tuesday!
we get our cute glee slushies, and laugh and cry and sing to glee.
i wouldn't have it any other way!
i love you girls (lolz)

hope everyone had an awesome day.
& in other news - i got my first letter in the mail today! thanks becca! i am going to write back tomorrow. can't waiiiiit:)


  1. I watched! I loved it!!! I'm a total Kurt fan and I love The Beatles, too, so of course I was crying like a big baby during the show. Oh well. I don't care. It's just so wonderful! I may have to start a slushie Tuesday tradition, too...just cause I love slushies! Well, that and I love Glee!!! :)

  2. Yay, I'm glad the letter found its way safely to you! Don't mind all the crazy doodling on the envelope, I wrote it really laaaate at night and it seemed like a good idea at the time, ha ha!

    - Becca

  3. Oh I need to watch the new episode of Glee! Thanks for reminding me! :) That's awesome you all get together to watch it every week! So fun.


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)