October 28, 2010

kensington market.

i ♥ toronto!
part one;
kensington market:)

so i mentioned a little whole ago that i wanted to do some blog posts about toronto, since i always talk about it, and how much i love this city!
i will do a number of blog posts about different parts of the city, to share with you!~
my first area to feature is...
kensington market
i love this place! it is filled with so much love and energy.
kensington is filled with vintage shops, cute cafes, bakeries, little shops, sunglass stands, bars, restaurants, venders, retail stores etc.
i love going there because it's such a unique vibe...
the people that hangout there are very fun and full of positive energy.
i always have so much fun when i go there, there's always something going on in kensington! these pictures were taken a month or so ago, on a date pete and i had there.
they always have different events and activities going on.
so here are some shots from kensington market, one of my favourite areas of toronto!


  1. I love markets!!! This one looks fantastic. When I was in Australia I fell in love with every single market. xo

  2. Oh my! This market looks amazing! Wish we had something like that here :(

  3. As a kid I grew up living in the Kensington Market area...boy has it changed! It's been a couple of years since we have ventured there. Thanks for reminding me I need to plan a visit soon! xo

  4. I love Kensington Market! It's not too far from my school...I like to venture their during my breaks.

  5. Kensington Market is amazing... it's definitely one of my favourite places in Toronto! There is always so much going on there - food, drinks, shopping, music, etc! The area gives off such a great sense of community... so awesome! Glad you dedicated a post to it :)

  6. it is something else, isn't it? one of my favourite places too. i have found many a treasure there!! we need to go shopping soon...too bad kensington isn't quite as fun in the winter.

  7. That place looks amazing!



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