October 16, 2010

nowhere girl.

happy saturday loves!
i woke up at 7am this morning for work, ughhh not fun!
it's so weird working saturday's all the time.. a totally different meaning to "the weekend"
last night after work, pete had dinner ready for me (cutest) and we watched some of the leaf game, they won AGAIN by the way & then headed out to see nowhere boy!
nowhere boy is a movie based on the life of john lennon, i have been watching the preview for well over a year now and they kept changing the release date in canada & last night it finally came out! i really liked it, although it was extremely sad, which is understandable because it was supposed to portray john's troubled life as a youth and all he went through before forming the beatles! i cried like 5 times, but pete and i really enjoyed it:)
i apologize for my lack of blogging once again, i don't know what it is..but it seems like every single night i have something going on, which is good but i also can't believe how fast time goes..
tonight after work i will be heading to visit my bff & we're going for dinner & to the movies (i know, i know - i am such a movie geek) i think we're going to see easy A - i really want to see it and have a girl crush on emma stone. has anyone seen it yet?
i have sunday & monday off - so on monday i plan on drinking lots of tea, writing letters (to my pen pals!), crafting and cleaning my place!:)♥


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  2. easy a is amazing! one of the best movies i've seen in the last bit. you're really like it

  3. Easy A was ooo cute!♥
    I love Emma Stone. It's funny but gets a little serious at the end! lol I am sure you will like it, total chick flick♥




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