October 23, 2010

october 23rd is love.

i've wanted to share the story of my lip tattoo for a while now.
and i thought today would be a perfect day because today is the day my parents got married!
october 23rd, 1976.
today would have been their 34th wedding anniversary.

if you read my blog often you know that my dad passed away and i talk about him often on here, and something really cool about my dad is that he was totally badass!
i take after him in a lot of ways, especially the wild side.
he had a bunch of tattoo's, rode a motorcycle and listened to awesome music!

my mom and dad dated for 7 years before they got married. so if he was still around, they would of been together for 41 years! wow how special is that?
when my parents were together for a few years, my mom went on vacation to florida,
while she was gone my dad decided to get a tattoo!
not just any tattoo though...YES that's right
he got LUCY tattooed on his inner lip, and this was the early 70's so it was not a common thing that's for sure (not that it really is now either...)
so when my mom got back her surprised her with it! and everyone asked my dad, what happens if you aren't with lucy forever? or if you don't marry her?
and my dad said that would never happen because he knew they'd always be together!
i love this story so much, always have...
i can still remember the way my dad used to show it off to people!
everyone was always so into it.
it's the cutest/sweetest story ever♥♥hearts;
about 2 years i got this tattoo for honour my mom AND dad,
and then last christmas my brother dave got the same tattoo!
coolest family ever?!
i think so!


  1. That's so cool! :)

  2. That is the best story ever and a very brave tattoo! I can't even imagine how much it hurt!

  3. Wow that is such a cool tattoo and I love the story behind it. I too cant imagine how much it hurt!!!

  4. That is such a great story!! Hugs! xo

  5. Best story behind a tattoo ever. Love it, and love the sentiment behind it. Adorable xx

  6. Sweetest story ever...love it. Lucy's a really cute name too.

    your comments made me smile:)
    thank you

  8. Great story! and way cool!

  9. This story is just sooo cute!
    I do read your blog often, but i dont think i ever came across you talking about ur dad.
    My dad also passed away about 4 yrs ago, so I can relate!
    It's funny, I have been wanting to get a tattoo for my dad aswell, I think I found the perfect thing!
    All girls are daddy's girls & I am sure he would have been very impressed to see that ♥



  10. aw. i never get sick of hearing this story!

  11. Awww, this is such a sweet story! Your family is awesome.

  12. AWW!
    That's the sweetest story ever!



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