October 13, 2010

a special day!

october 13th is a very special day because...
today is my grandma & grandpa's 63rd wedding anniversary!
how amazing is that?
they are so special to me, and they inspire me!
these days with divorce, and so many horrible stories you hear..
it's so comforting to know someone so wonderful who have shown love to one another for so long! so congrats to them, i love them both SO much!

also * to my new pen pals,
should i write to you first? haha, i wasn't sure who is writing to who first...
& i didn't want to write one, only to realize one is on the way & i am not responding, ya know?
let me know if you've sent me a letter already & /or i should send you one!

& 3 things that make me very excited right now!
1) leafs beat the pens tonight! 3 for 3 this season. (huge!)
2) pete and i are going to see nowhere boy on friday!♥
3) saturday night i am having a sleepover with my bff :) finallyyyy.

happy hump day everyone


  1. oh my stars! this is SO weird...i swear to all that is good i am telling the truth...today is MY grandparents wedding anniversary...53 years!
    lots of love and happiness your way! xo.

  2. p.s. sending your letter next week! we've got friends in town and i've been so busy...but i wont forget!

  3. Haven't send you a letter yet. But busy with school the next 2 weeks. Maybe you can send one first :p Btw did you found my email address already? x

  4. Congrats to your grandparents :) that's aboslutely adorable :) :) :) x

  5. Haven't sent to you yet, I've been really busy and sidetracked! If you'd like to send first, that would be great!

    Lauren (fizleglitz@gmail.com)

    Also, October 13 is the best day because it's my birthday too! :) :)

  6. Awww how sweet! My grandparents were married for over 60 years too. :) I love it. I'm going to be writing a letter and hopefully getting it out by Wednesday! I have a ton on the go today and tomorrow for my Etsy shop opening but I am hoping to get it mailed by Wednesday! :)


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)