November 12, 2010

friday, ugh.

i must admit, friday's make me kind of sad because everyone is so happy about the weekend, posting their statuses on facebook, twitter etc & i work until 7:30-8 tonight and then work all day tomorrow. hmph. i miss the feeling of friday..

had another busy week but i had time to relax / get organized / clean etc.

today is hot as f$ck friday! & today's hottie is rachel mcadams. she is so beautiful! it's insane. i love her and think she's just the cutest ever. one of my favourite famous gals for sure! & to top it all of, she's canadian too! here are some gorgeous photo's of here (& the first one of her and ryan gosling, i think they made such a cute couple)


  1. I totally agree with you here :) she is so adorable! And she looks good whatever her hair colour.

  2. I know what you mean about the Friday thing. I work weekends [from Friday to Monday], and so Friday is my monday, and monday is my friday!

    Rachel is pretty much perfect. I'm jealous as hell. =D

  3. love her! I want to see her new movie Morning Glory!

  4. lovee her! her and Ryan were so cute together too.
    xo. mandyyy

    pea.ess. I heart your Christmas To-Do List. It's perfect. :]

  5. i can't wait to see her new movie, i love her in just about everything!!
    i am lucky to have weekends off, but my boyfriend can definitely sympathize with you. he ONLY works on the weekends :(

  6. i feel you. fridays aren't anything for me anymore either which sucks. weekends are when i work the MOST so ya, i feel ya girlfriend.

    i love rachel mcadams, the second last photo of her is my favourite. pretty hair and such a cute outfit.

  7. she is 100% my girl crush, i am in love with her!

  8. I am in love with Rachel! She's gorgeous and definitely my woman crush for life.


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