November 18, 2010

i'm sick
the last 2 days i've had a horrible headache, stuffy nose, and an achey body.
i needed to take today to rest and get some sleep before it gets worse.
i'm feeling a bit better now.
today i watched one of my favourite movies to get me in the holiday spirit;
i swear i've seen it a hundred times.
& i still love it.

fun weekend ahead,
* tomorrow = getting my hair done, back to dark:)
* saturday night = bff night/sleepover! wine, sex & the city, & movie night
* sunday = santa claus parade, going home to pickering, home cooked meal:)
* monday = shopping, bringing home my CHRISTMAS stuff to start decorating my apartment!
i promise i will posts lots of pictures!


oh & ps - thank you for all your kind words yesterday on my dad's birthday,
you guys really are something special!


  1. feel better! and hooray for christmas vacation! and hooray... SANTA CLAUS PARADE! i'll be there too... i can't miss it!

    have fun with the decorating :)

  2. feel better soon I have been sick for 3 weeks it sucks!


  3. Get better really soon! Have a fantastic weekend, it sounds like it's going to be a good one. xo

  4. Hope you feel better soon! I have had the same thing but it's on it's way out now (I hope!)

    I have passed on the "One Lovely Blog" Award to you :) x


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)