November 9, 2010

is anyone else into gossip girl?
this season has been SO good so far.

just a few things i wanted to ask you guys...
does anyone know someone who does blog layouts &/or blog headers?
(that isn't insanely expensive)
i really want to spice up my blog!

do you guys know of any blog challenges?
like i've seen people do 30 days of questions etc,
do you know of any?!
i would like to do some sort of challenge like that (that doesn't just involve taking a new photo every day, cause i sucked at that! haha)

do you have twitter?
if so, post your link!
& here's mine -

so stoked for glee tonight♥
are you?


  1. Can't wait to watch it tomorrow!! It's going to be a good one...

    I can make you a header or anything else just tell me what you need?!

  2. YAY for Glee!
    I don't really know anyone who does them cheap, but have you tried shabby blogs, leelou blogs and cutestblogontheblock for their freebies? I know I've seen cute cupcake ones.

  3. SOOOO GOOD TAMMY! i meant to tell you that i have those cupcake headphones! hehehe!:)
    i will msg you about getting something made

    and yesss amylou. i should look again at those though! thanksss


  4. I can make you a banner... for the rest of the layout all I've been using is the Blogger layouts, so nothing too fancy, but it can still be super cute

    I've just been a busy bee lately so it might take me a little while!

  5. Heeeeeeeey! I really need to get back into watching Gossip Girl. I will one of these days! I had Moorea Seal design my blog, but it looks like you've got some help above! :)


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)