November 4, 2010

new york, new york!

our exciting news...
pete and i just booked a trip to NEW YORK CITY!
i am so so so excited, not only because new york is pretty much my favourite place EVER,
but because it has always been my dream to go to new york at christmas time...
and you guys know how much i love christmas, right?
i always see new york at christmas in the movies, and on tv, and i've always dreamt of going!
pete and i said months and months ago that this christmas our gift to each other would be a weekend in new york, and we are making it happen.
we got an amazing deal on our hotel because of pete's work,
check it out -
it's right downtown, in an incredible location,
& it's very very nice:)

i am so excited to see the christmas tree at rockafeller centre!

i plan on basically being will farrell in ELF,

but hopefully we won't be lost in new york!
heheeee, i love this movie way too much
& since we have ONE MONTH to go..
we even started a "new york" jar!


  1. Wow!
    I'd love to see New York.
    I bet it would look just magical all lit up with christmas lights :]

    PS. I love the Home Alone Films....well Home Alone 1 + 2.


  2. omg! that is AMAZING! i've always wanted to go to NYC around christmastime as well because i am (also) a big fan of christmas! you guys are going to have an absolute blast!

    ps... elf & home alone 2 are two of my most favourite movies EVER :)

  3. wow so jealous!! i would love to see japan and new york in the christmas time :]]

  4. awwww i've been dreaming to go to NYC since I was a child. but NYC is so far from my country (indonesia) and the ticket is soooooo expensive. i wish u're gonna have a great time there :)

    love, Icha

  5. I am soooooo excited for you!
    That is super duper terrific!
    I'm so cheesy! (but very happy for you :D)

  6. Eeeee, how exciting! I would love to see NYC at Christmas - maybe next time I go back there! I hope you have an amazing time (which you undoubtedly will). Oh, and that picture from Elf just put the biggest smile on my face. Such an awesome movie.

  7. OMG SO jealous!! I want to do this SO BAD.

  8. aww, yay!!! i love NYC! you'll have a blast, and you better take tons of pictures!

  9. wowww!
    hope you have lots of fun there (:

    I must visit New York at Christmas time too! It's a dream.
    I will have to live through your pictures until we get to go! You guys are gonna have a flipping blast.
    And, Elf is my favorite Christmas movie. I actually watch it all year long. haha. I just quoted it in my blog today actually! :]

  11. oh my! super exciting!! i have always wanted to visit new york! christmas time would be amazing. you're going to have such a great time!!! eek!


  12. Ah, AWESOME! I'm so pumped for you guys! You're going to have a blast. A couple of my boyfriend's friends are going in December and want us to come along, but I doubt we're going. It would be a blast though, and I would be there for my birthday!

  13. Oh and you just inspired me to start a jar for a trip to California!!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)