November 3, 2010


guys! don't worry ... i'm alive! in full force. just had a busy couple days as usual!
i had a wonderful halloweekend, how about you guys?! friday night i went out for one of my besties birthday's! we went to the gay bar & had a blasssst, saturday i had to work, but everyone was dressed up so it was fun times! i dressed as minnie that day as i felt that my KP costume wasn't really appropriate for work!
heehee! saturday night pete and i went to a party with some of his friends, had so much fun! & then went out to the bar. sunday after pete and i had hangover brunch for $5.99 at our fave spot, IT STARTED TO SNOW! & i obviously pranced around the street singing "let it snow!" haha. pete and i went home to my mom's place in pickering for a yummy meal and to carve a pumpkin and hand out candy!
i was so impressed with our pumpkin! we carved the toronto skyline for a mouth and stars for the eyes! and some of the older kids actually got it! i was stoked.
anyway we had a great weekend, and although halloween is fun and all.. i am just really happy that we are one step closer to CHRISTMAS!!!

ALSO - some exciting things coming soon!
♥ my christmas to-do list posted on my blog
♥ pete and i are doing novemeber goals! a goal a day every day we're together!!!
♥ exciting news for me and pete's christmas plans! (no, we're not getting
♥ a christmas giveaway...coming SOON!!!
but for now, here are some halloweeeeeeen photo's!!! ;;


  1. look how darling you are! love it.

  2. your costume was wonderful!!!

  3. Love all your costumes!! But KP is the best, especially the cupcakes. Aww damn I was waiting for a great (wedding)party!!

  4. Your costume is the cutest! Did you make the top yourself?

  5. Super cute! Glad you had a great time.

    Cute pumpkin too!

  6. aww, you two look fabulous! sounds like you had an awesome weekend :]

  7. Your costumes are amazing!!!
    I love both of them!

    We had snow in Scotland about 2 weeks ago too but it only last about an hour. Then it all melted :(


  8. your pumpkin is soooo cute jujubes!

  9. I loved the costume! You pulled it off really well, and your love made an awesome Russel, haha.

    Clever pumpkin idea as well! You can definately tell that that's the skyline. You're very creative.

  10. Ahaha! Awesome costumes! You guys looked great. And I love your pumpkin, what an awesome idea! I can't believe it was snowing. I loooooooooove the snow! And I may have to steal a couple things from your winter to-do list!

  11. well done on both the toronto skyline and the katy perry costume - great ideas!
    i love toronto too.


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