November 29, 2010

what do YOU want for christmas?


  1. wootwoot for your favorite holiday!! :)
    I know how much you LOVE it!!!
    gosh I don't know what I want lol
    What do you want? Are there etsy gift cards? I'll tell my family that bc I LOVE etsy!

  2. oh and THANK YOU so much for your sweet comment!!! You and Carly both said you about cried - too sweet!! I'm sooo excited! I don't know where to start lol

  3. I actually want a Flip UltraHD, haha. What about yourself? I also wouldn't mind some awesome earmuffs. That would be super. =]

  4. Have fun in NYC, Im off to london. Snowy over here so feels like x-mas already. I really want some cute wellie boots for x-mas to keep my wee feet dry :)


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