January 6, 2011

600th post!

new year love! ♥♥♥
so every year most people think of some resolutions, some more dedicated that others of course. i don't specifically like the term "resolutions" as much as i do "goals"!
last year i wrote out all of my goals on a cute clipboard, and it made things seem real! it felt so great to cross them off, and although i didn't get them all done - the ones that i did i am happy with, and that is all that matters.
one of my favourite quotes is ;
"it is a dream until you write it down,
& then it's a goal"
love it.
so here are a few of my goals/resolutions/to-do's of 2011.
i will be adding more to the list, this is just a rough draft

- read 15 books (and keep track)
- make plans to meet up with long lost friends
- make more homemade meals! get creative!:)
- explore more of toronto
- re-vamp my blog ; do my features, finish what i start! get more creative and exciting with my blog posts
- organize my apartment, get more storage!
- scrapbook more
-try to compliment someone every day
- get "cupcakes made with love" going again
- blog more!
- find a job i love.
- make it to 500 followers!
- go down at least one dress size
- have more bff nights!
- read my business book, and look into starting my own business
- don't forget about the book i wanted to write. work hard at making it a possibility. contact the people who's stories i want to be shared

*things i want to learn*
- guitar (basics at least!)
- how to knit
- take a class somewhere
- learn more about geography (read my new atlas!)
- how to tie a tie
- how to play crib
- how to use my sewing machine

- go to the drive in
- go to snakes & lattes
- watch roller derby
- have a martini night
- host a games night
- make cheesecake
- start planning/thinking about a europe trip!
- go to the dad's cookie factory
- clean out my old room in pickering
- put ALL of my photo's on usb's
- take a new fitness class somewhere

- eat healthier, more vegetables & fruits
- more exercise, stay active!
- budget! save $$$$
- take good care of my body
- go for more walks
- become more of a morning person
- take more risks

hehe, i knew it sounds like a lot! but some are so little.
& it's fun crossing things off.
happy new year
& i hope everyone's january is going well so far


  1. these are amazing goals! i love how you put them all in their own categories! it seems more manageable that way! good luck!

  2. I dig your list... but I mostly dig your attitude!! Love this post!


  3. i am a goals girl too julie! love your categories...looks like 2011 is going to be a great year!

    ps - i started a new blog. i had been at lj for almost 10 years...needed a change. here's the link to my 2011 goals.

  4. thank you meredith! :) i totally agree:)

    awwwwww thank you bailey! i am going to go check out your blog!

    allison! yayyyy! i am excited you have a blogspot now so i can follow you:) eyeyeyeye! 2011 is going to be a great year, i can feel it!

  5. hey girl! Thanks for your comment. Glad to know I'm not the only one. I'm sure I will be updating about the books. =)

    I love your list! So fun! Good luck with completeing your goals!

    Happy 2011!

  6. Great lists & much luck to you in 2011! :)

  7. Oh man, so much good stuff here!
    First, You are SO PRECIOUS!! I love that dress! So pretty.

    Your comment on my blog made my day. I think you are the absolute cutest, and your sweet comments always make me smile.

    Your goals are so doable! Love them!

  8. goals shmoals. :-P u exhaust me! but i think ur top photo is cute,really i do

  9. Woooooooo! 600 posts! :) That's awesome. I'm looking forward to 6,000 more!! haha.

    Your goals sound really fun, actually. That's probably a weird thing to say. Haha. I hope you do learn how to knit! And there is a martini "holiday", I think it's in May? Or June? I'm not sure. But I'll have to let you know, maybe you can have your martini night on that day! :)


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)