January 3, 2011

goodbye 2010.

happy new year everyone!
i hope everyone had a wonderful holiday & a happy new year.
i'm really looking forward to start fresh with a new year & i know everyone else is to!
i am looking forward to having so much time to do all the things i want to do, and to be able to catch up on all of your lovely fresh new blogs:)
i have had a really rough couple of days. i don't want to get into detail about it on here but something really upsetting happened over the last few days and i am trying to go on with my life without thinking of it, but it was extremely negative and hurtful - something i never have in my life. instead i will focus on some exciting news we all got on new years day (i will post about it later...eeee!)
i had a wonderful new years eve with pete & his friends, they are so awesome!
i have been working on my 2011 goals/resolutions etc, & will post them within the next few days! as for now i will recap on 2011, which i found to be a pretty damn good year!
i had a list of 2010 to-do's and i accomplished a big chunk of them!!!:)

- get my licence!!!
- play pool
- mow the lawn
- go to NYC at christmas time
- move to TORONTO:)
- have a picnic
- go to a second city show
- de clutter
- go to a wine vineyard
- never give up!
- make more cupcakes from recipes
- go out dancing more
- send a photo to jones soda
- read more
- get a new tattoo
- go to wonderland & the CNE
- get 100+ followers on my blog
- eat more vegetables
- be the best girlfriend ever (lol)
- play the lottery more
- go to a toronto cupcake shop
- go see crush luther
- go to the "grilled cheese" in kensington
- bake more cupcakes
- go to karoke
- join a team
- make rootbeer floats
- have a john hughes movie night

i know of them seem like silly & small things, but that is what makes it fun!
i try to be realistic for sure.

& now here are some awesome times from

new years! canada themed party,
one of the BEST moments of 2010 for me was when CANADA WON GOLD in the final hockey game against the usa, BEST night and game ever!!!:)

stef & jeff, my good friends from high school got married:) ;

went to mexico for a week to be a bridesmaid for my dear friend heather's wedding!
spent a great week with carly, jenna & heather :) ;

celebrated two years of LOVE with my boy!!! ;

experienced my first PRIDE, with these incredible people ;
my heart♥

pete surprised me on my 26th birthday with PAUL MCCARTNEY tickets!
it was BY FAR the best concert i've ever been to & one of the best nights of my life!
saw a beatle live, omg!

manchester united game to toronto!!! pete's favourite team of all time,
we went to see them at the skydome

hosted a bachelorette for carly at the cabin!
amazing girls weekend;

got a new tattoo on my birthday,
all you need is love!;

for the first year ever, i cared about the world cup - thanks to pete
woooo england!;

saw one of my faves ever JACK JOHNSON live (again)
such a fun night & awesome concert;

spent lots of time with my family,
and watched my grandpa recover from his stroke...he is doing SO good:) ;

got to stand up for my BEST FRIEND in the world on her wedding day,
the best wedding ever...
such a special day & an honour to be a part of it.
2 of my best friends married each other and it was perfect ;

went to NEW YORK at christmas time!
went to see SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE / our friend vanessa live in action,
got to meet the cast! best weekend in NYC everrrrr

i am thankful for another great...
but i can feel that 2011 is going to be an INCREDIBLE year:)


  1. Happy 2011 to you! Wishing you a fantastic year to come! :)

  2. Happy New Year Girl!
    What an awesome year!


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