January 31, 2011

image found on we ♥ it
omg, i want these so so so bad.

sorry i've been such an absent blogger...
it's been a busy week and i got some horrible bug this weekend.
blargh, it was horrible. my mom took good care of me though and pete made me soup for dinner and we have just been lounging.

hope everyone had a good weekennnnd.
i have my fingers crossed for something fun coming up but i will find out tomorrow if it can happen or not. eeeek

back to gossip girl!


  1. omgosh WHERE did you find those mugs?!! they are SOO adorable!

  2. OMG those are so cute I want to have my fave coffee in them <3

  3. I want these! Where did you fin them?? I collect coffee mugs so I must own them!! ;)

  4. hey cuties!
    i found the image on we heart it, but i am determined to find out where i can buy these...cutest everrrr:)

  5. wow, i need them too. so freaking adorable. if you find them, let me know!

    also, leaving on sunday?? my, that is so soon!! i hope you get the time off :)

  6. Eee, we must find out where to find those mugs. Too cute!


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