January 9, 2011


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have i ever told you how much i like sunday's?
i think it might be my favourite day of the week.
when i was little i always had ringette on sunday, and we always have a wonderful family dinner, and my dad would always relax and watch football. it's just such a peaceful and productive day for me!
today i slept in (which was much needed)
& i have been puttering around all morning, organizing, cleaning, writing new quotes down in my quote book, updating my facebook with photo's, eating oatmeal and drinking tea ; LOVE LOVE LOVE.

last night after work fab & jordan came over and we had a girls night! *hehe
fab and jordan were looking at my 2011 goal list that i wrote out and saw that i wanted to learn how to tie a tie, so fab taught us! & then i taught them both how to tie their shoes, hahaha! they obviously could before, but they always did it the bunny way, and i taught them the best way!
we had so much fun giggling and snuggling in my new blankets.
we watched the first SNL of the year, jim carrey hosted & was amazing!

pete is on his way over, i miss him :( & haven't seen him all week!
today i am going to bake some cupcakes (made with love) for my friend sarah's fundraiser that she is doing! yeyeye.

tonight pete and i will make dinner, cuddle, & probably watch more 30 rock!
i loveeeee that show so much! :) we are on season 2 now.

so i am going to keep going with inspirational quote sunday,
here we go ;

"the more you read, the more things you will know. the more that you learn, the more places you'll go!"
-dr. seuss


  1. i love sundays too! but now they're the day i have to pack up and go back to school and finish my weekend homework! =P but when i was little they were always nice!

  2. Sunday is one of my favorite days as well!!! I love the simple pleasures that I get to enjoy on Sundays. And, it always seems like Sundays are always so quiet ahhh relaxing!


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