January 10, 2011

today has been such a wonderful day:)
the sun is shining so bright in toronto & it's lovely.
this sunshine is making me realllllly excited about summer time in toronto, it's so awesome!

i have had a productive day off so far!
got some pretty exciting news, but i can't post it (you will see why eventually...hopefully!)
i am drinking some delicious green tea and getting things done.
went to dollarama today to get a bunch of stuff, went on a 30 minute walk, which made me think that monday's will be my "going for a nice long walk" day! i will do it every week.
i already walk so much through out the week, but it's nice to have a really nice, long, peaceful walk!

i really need a blog makeover soon!
spice things up!
spice up your life!

happy monday everyone,
and i hope you have a amazing week


  1. hey cutie
    I am working on your banner now!
    email me: angelaanneart@gmail.com so we can discuss background/etc

  2. that does sound like a wonderful day!!

  3. new blog look?! Sounds fun!

    goodness can't wait to hear your news!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)