January 12, 2011

wednesday blahssss.

i am having a bad day...
i don't know what it is, but i just feel so blah.
nothing seems to be going my way & i am grumpy.
i hate these days and i want to snap out of it!
good things are coming, right?
this totally made my day though...
how amazing is this photo?
i can't wait to actually see abbey road in person,
pete and i are hoping to go to europe in the (kindof) near future!:)


  1. Hope your day gets better sweet friend!!! LOVE that picture <333

  2. I'm sorry you are having a bad day. I had some pretty yucky days Monday and Tuesday so I feel your pain. This picture is amazing!!!! Cinderella is and will always be my favorite movie! And who doesn't love The Beatles?? This is one of my favorite of their records. :) Thanks for sharing. I hope your day gets better.

  3. I hope you feel better soon, beautiful! I know the feeling. I get serious winter blahs that put me in a crappy mood for no obvious reasons. It's only mid-January and I'm already longing for spring...

  4. feel better lovely...you have so much to be thankful for. make a list of all of the things that you love and care about and it will make you feel a thousand times better, i promise (it works for me)

    xo ♥

    ps: wish i was in toronto to take you out for drinks! cause if the list didn't help, drinks always do ;)

  5. I'm totally the same today. Hope things get better soon! xx

  6. I love that picture so much! :) and i hope you feel so much better about everything soon. Was in exactly the same mood y'day so I totally sympathise. x

  7. I'm so sorry! Hope tomorrow is better!

    p.s. that pic made my day!

  8. Hope you cheer up and hope you come over to my neck of the woods because it's the bee's knees! x

  9. i hope you cheer up soon! i always read daily pep talks from a best friend.. here's one that might brighten your day!

    Pep Talk: Your life is an exciting series of moments, each unique. Every one of them has the potential to bring you joy. As you savor the present, remember, this is just the beginning.

    Today remind yourself: I have so much to look forward to.


  10. i hope you got through your bad day and wake up today to a brighter, fresher day. sometimes we need the bad days to remind us about all those great days that we have.
    have a grrrrreat thursday!!!

  11. i hate those kinds of days. good thing its over now, right? also, i adore that picture!!!


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