February 23, 2011

favourite movie wednesdays!

the life of a cupcake introduces...
favourite movie wednesdays!♥

i have a new feature to add to my blog...
movies are such a big part of my life, and i am a huge geek like that!
i own so many movies, and i LOVE going to the movies, it makes me feel like a kid!
so on wednesday's i am going to post a video from one of my favourite movies every week! there are so many cute clips to share with you guys! so i hope you enjoy:)

the first clip is from one of my favourite movies of all time... troop beverly hills!
this movie IS my childhood. i swear i know every word of this movie and love it so so much! i've seen it 100 times, i swear...and it NEVER gets old!

here is an amazing clip from this movie,
and absolute classic!
(and if you are a rilo kiley fan, you are probably aware that jenny lewis is in this movie, and that she does reference "the freddie" in one of her songs!)


  1. Oooh this is going to be a fun weekly post! :] I've never seen this movie, but I'm totally going to watch it now. xx

  2. He PERMED me!!! *shreaks* I love that movie too :)

    Cheryl x

  3. miss indie my love, it willlll be fun! and you def need to watch it i have a feeling you will love it!

    sherixfirefly - HAHAHAHAHAH! such a classic line from that movie! love:)

  4. "We don't need no stinking badges!" haha, loved that movie as a kid too :)

  5. This movie is so cute I love it!
    I will love reading these posts, I am also such a movie geek! >_<

  6. I love this movie! I used to watch it over and over on the disney channel! I love when that lady says she "we don't need no stinking patches!" HAHA!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)