February 18, 2011

the kids are more than alright.

pete and i just watched this movie,
have you seen it?
i absolutely loved it! adorable...
we're trying to see a couple more nominated movies before the oscars next weekend!

on another note -
i am so so so ready for this weekend to begin.
(also, i wish i had a long weekend like everyone else in canada this weekend. but i work every saturday and i already have monday's off. wah wahhhhh)

looking forward to a weekend of relaxing, organizing, cleaning & crafting!


  1. thanks for the reminder about this movie. i remember seeing the trailer for it in theaters and saying that i wanted to see it. is it on video already?

    have a lovely weekend miss! xo.

  2. saw it last week and LOVED it!! such a great film.
    hope you enjoy your weekend.

  3. yessss it is carly! you should watch it for sure:):)

    i agree allison! soooo good, have a good weekend too!



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