February 28, 2011


it's weird to like monday's, because everyone else hates them so much.
but it's my day off so i quite like it.
monday's always tend to be "me" days - i can do whatever i want (for the most part...!)
today i slept in a bit and now i am drinking tea & listening to otis redding ♥

the rest of the day i am going to organize my drawers/closet, clean up a bit, work on a few crafts that i have on the go, watch the sandlot, read my book, read your blogs! and perhaps go for a walk because it's starting to clear up outside.

we had so much fun watching the oscars together last night! so many laughs and it was pretty cute. i wasn't overly impressed but they are always fun to watch. james and anne were cute as hosts, as i love them both as people - but i wanted a bit more!

i am looking forward to posting my monthly goals tomorrow and i am also excited that it will be MARCH. we're getting closer to the warmer weather:)

here are a few photo's...
my new mug :) love it! ;
pete & i with the bear he got me for valentine's day!;
the bears name is "pizza";
he's so cuuuute;
when my mom saw this as my profile picture (the thumb nail of it) she said "oh my gosh where did you get that picture? and i said what you mean? - she thought it was a picture of me when i was like 3 years old! hahahaha she said i look exactly how i did when i was little in this photo. and i do kinda.... but it was so funny! haha


  1. you are the cuuuutest jujubes.

    also, pretty sweet that kaelah posted on your blog. sometimes i assume that the 'famous' bloggers don't actually comment on others blogs, which is silly of me but i just assume they don't actually have time to read others blogs.

  2. I like Mondays too b/c its my day off :)

    cute pictures I love the mug


  3. Pizza is such a cute name for a teddy!!!! :D :D

  4. Can you be any cuter?? Nope. Not possible.

    Loveee that mug and you are so hott in red lipstick! I love it on you. :]

  5. aww..how cute are you guys!? :)

    and I just adore your mug!!!

    Love from the jersey shore!
    xo Jenny

  6. Awww Julie you are the cutest ALWAYS!
    I love Mondays too, as I have them off as well!
    And you named the bear Pizza... reason #583727 why you are awesome <3

  7. You are adorable! Seriously!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)