February 2, 2011


(sn) o (w) mg!
the entire city is freakingggg out! (& it's kinda funny...)
a huge snow storm his hitting toronto and it's all anyone is talking about right now. last night they were announcing closures in schools, recreation complexes, work places etc.
to be honest - as of now, it's no that bad. however, it's still coming down consistantly and has been since i've been watching (at work i look out of a window all day).
so i kinda hope we get an insane amount, so pete and i can go toboganning! hehehe:)
but, i do hope everyone stays safe out there, because some people are so careless when driving out there, geesh!

all of these cold weather is making me want to go away so bad...i am waiting to hear back from work if i can go, so please keep your fingers crossed.

if i do get the time off - we will be leaving this sunday!:)

tonight i am excited for ; making dinner for pete, snugglin', drinking tea, watching american idol, & modern family! besssssst ever:)


  1. Just found your blog today. :) I love it.

    I wish it snowed down here. :(

  2. hey shellie! thank you:) - i will check yours out today!

    awww, where do you live? snow is fun, but it gets old fast...haha

  3. I grab your button! I love your blog!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)