February 4, 2011

sun & sand here we come!

cuba here we come!!!♥
so i ended up getting the time off work next week which means..
pete & i are heading to CUBA:)
we leave sunday night and get back reallllly late on friday!
so 5 full days which i am more than happy about!

our resort looks soooo amazing.
so fingers crossed for beautiful weather,
either way i know we'll have the most wonderful time!♥

so, tonight i am very busy getting things together and getting organized.
tomorrow i work & then we are heading to my friends - matt & allison's
which i am really really looking forward to! i haven't seen that group of friends in way too long and they are all soooo awesome :)

so i better head back to packing & such...
i promise to take lots of photo's
(& actually post them!)
sometimes i slack, but this time i won't.

ooh also today was a good day at work...
my friend anya did my hair again & added some red highlights and it looks amazing, and she is amazing!!!

you can't see in this photo,
but i just like my photobooth!


  1. Have fun in Cuba!!! I'm from Puerto Rico 2 islands to the right in a map lol the weather should be yumm, go to the beach and have fun! Im heading to NYC on Monday I wanna get cold!!!!

  2. I am sooo jealous you're going to Cuba! Have a great time love!

  3. Have fun, I'm so jealous! Although I go to Rome in April so it's not so bad :)

  4. Woah!
    Have fun!
    I'm so jealous!!!


  5. yea for cuba!
    yea for coming over to hang out before you go!
    yea for fun hair!

    see you tonight :)

  6. Lucky girl! So happy you get to getaway to somewhere beautiful for awhile!

    Your hair looks fab, gorgeous girl!

  7. very pretty pic of u. glad sum1 is gonna B n sum warm sun away from snow.(bah!)

  8. wow. my family is from cuba but i've never been. they said i shouldn't visit while castro is around. i hope to see many photographs :)

  9. Cuba! Awesome. Have a fun time!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)