February 20, 2011

sunday shopping:)


i had a great day today, it was beautiful out but still really cold.
spring still isn't here, i am trying to be patient!

today i went to dufferin mall & got myself some cute stuff,
i haven't bought anything in so long because i just haven't had the money for shopping! but i got lots of cute little things and didn't spend too much money:)

here are a few of my purchases from the day;;

sparkly cardigan;
black & white cardgian;
these pretty sparkly flats;
so many adorable stickers!
(did i ever mention how much i LOVE stickers?!) ;
($1 each)
this cuuute mini scrapbook;
red sparkly wallet!
(only $1.99);
sidewalk chalk!
when it gets nice out, i wanna go write nice things on sidewalks!;
my girl & the babysitters club! SO good
($5 each);
i LOVE notebooks, omg obsessed...
(3 for $1);
cute little paper clips and push pins
($1 each);
these pretty & sparkly LOVE blank cards, by papyrus
(on sale...75% off! = $3.50)

i always buy the most colourful stuff! it's so fun!

inspirational quote sunday ♥
"the greatest mistake you can make is to be afraid of making one" - Elbert Hubbard


  1. Look at you miss thrifty finder! I need to go shopping with you!

  2. Nice stuff and even better cheap!! Really like the cardigan and the stickers :p And yes I also need to go shopping with you maybe next year....

  3. um hello, look at you in that photo in the black and white cardi (H&M?) you look so teeny tiny!!

  4. great deals! I love the cardi with the white bows and trim. So cute!

  5. my goodness girl...look at all these fabulous finds. i heart that sparkly top and those shoes are so adorbs! stickers always make me smile! thanks for sharing your brand new finds!

    happy day miss xoxo

  6. How cute are you! ♥ the sparkly flats!

  7. Great stuff. Where did you find the stickers & mini album?

  8. yay shopping! i love the babysitters club you got such cute stuff


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