March 30, 2011

almost famous.

favourite movie wednesday ♥ !!!
today's favourite movie is...
almost famous :)
SUCHHHH an awesome movie.
i will always love it!
i wish a lived at this time. so happy, so free!
one of my favourite movies for sure...and i love this part/this song


  1. Seriously girl...we have the same taste in movies & music!! That's the first thing i remember loving about you-your love for The Beatles too! :)

  2. hahaha, awwwww! we are blog soul mates! hehehe...i knowww every time i read your blog i think "we are a like in many ways!!!"


  3. ohhh, i haven't seen this movie in ages! it is sooo good!

  4. haven't seen this movie in so good it was.

  5. it is in my top five favourite movies for sure. i've felt like watching it again for awhile now...ever since she was my inspiration for my costume for the costume party i went to last weekend. i love kate hudson and i loooove this movie; good pick!

  6. that's my fav part in the movie too. i adore this movie beyond! and the song, rock on elton john :)

  7. i love this movie! i watched it last night because you reminded me how great it is, so thanks!


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