March 2, 2011

favourite movie wednesdays!

favourite movie wednesday!
it's the second week of my new blog feature, i am so excited about it!
i LOVE LOVE LOVE this movie;
dazed and confused!
i have seen it so many times, and i swear it keeps getting better:)
such a great part of the movie, and a great song too!


  1. AHHH! I am in love with this movie too!!! Sososo good!

  2. omg dazed and confused I remember loving this movie and even i had it on vhs LOL

  3. I'm really bad with movies. I've barely seen any movies that people really love. This one included! :(

  4. haha I ALWAYS wished my teenage years were like this movie! aaah

  5. This is by far one of my favourite movies
    "Catch yah later"
    "Man I love them red head"
    "AIR RADE!"
    Some of my fav quotes.
    I think I've memorized the whole movies.
    Nice to see someone feel the same way, anyone who's ever gone to highschool can relate.

  6. i watched this movie soooo much in highschool. still love it, although i haven't watched in in a few years. "i just want to dance!"

  7. kari - yessss, sweet! i LOVE it!

    miss lou - hahaha, i had it on vhs too:)

    jenny - OMG! gotta see it!!!!!

    angie - i sooooo agree!

    life in the hills - hahaha, love it:) !

    elycia - hahaha yesss girly, so good. i feel like watching it now!


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