March 23, 2011

favourite movie wednesdays!

favourite movie wednesday ♥
now and then!!!
this weeks favourite movie is such a classic one from my childhood, one that i loved and watched over and over with my group of friends! it will always remind me of them and all the amazing times we shared and still share!
in fact...i think it's time to watch it again soon:)
such a cute movie!!!
i am sure you gals love it too?


  1. Aww, havn't seen this one in forever!!

  2. I have NEVER seen this! where have I been??? :)

  3. Such an great movie! I haven't seen it in forever. I think it's on Netflix so maybe I will watch it tonight. :)

    I had the BIGGEST crush of Devon Sawa.

  4. Gosh you love so many of my favorites! Who doesn't love this movie?

  5. jamie - same! i am gonna watch it soon :)

    laurie anne - YOU NEED TO SEE IT! classic!

    genny - awww yes, you should watch it for sure. how is netflix? i kinda wanna get it..i am obsessed with movies! and i had a crush on devon too!

    amylou - we are movie twins! and you're right...everyone does!

  6. I have to see it!!!

  7. I've listen to this movie over and over and over again back then ! Love it !

  8. oh my goodness I love Now and Then! We have it on video and I went through this phase (lasted a week) where I watched it every day! It's such a good movie.

  9. I love this movie. . . It never gets old. I Just found your blog today and I have to say it is what I have been searching for! Your creative fun great with your words and have an actual personality in your writing. Love it can't wait for more.


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