March 8, 2011


so i decided that this year i am going to give up something for lent.
i used to give something up all the time when i was a kid - and haven't done it in years so i thought.. why not!?
i thought for a while of what to give up and it seems like perfect timing for this as i am getting back into the groove of healthy eating/working out/healthy lifestyle etc.
i decided to give up my vice, diet pepsi
i generally don't drink pop other than diet pepsi, and i don't know why or how it became something i liked so much, but somehow it is...and i am not like crazy with it, i can go a while without it, but enjoy having one. it will definitely be a challenge for me but i know i can do it!
the only other drinks i really even have are green tea and water so this will be good!
i am up for it! lent begins tomorrow,
are you giving anything up?


  1. yes! i'm giving up artificial sweetener, like splenda. i know that's a weird thing to give up, but i put it in my coffee every morning and tend to order sugar free things at starbucks. and i know it's so bad for me, so i'm switching to the all natural stuff! which is going to be very hard considering my taste is used to splenda.

  2. Yes! I know I am might be a little crazy, but I giving up two things, FACEBOOK and Sweet Tea... I am on FB way too much and I think it might be good for me.. and Tea too, might help cut the pounds down too..

    SO if anyone needs me they gotta check blog, email or call. (:

  3. Your post has prompted me to give up something too. XO!!

  4. you inspired me to give up potato chips...they are definitely my vice! i've never been good at 'giving things up' i always crack...

    i'm gonna try so very hard this time!

  5. ooo baby, i am the queen of giving up things for Lent hahaha
    every year, i give up junk food in it's entirety! i'm talking, chocolate, chips, fast food, anything at all that falls under the junk category! it's not so bad though!

    good luck! you can do it!

  6. Yesss!
    I am giving up SODA! It is going to be hard but I can do it :) so can you! good luck!


  7. i was thinking about giving up pop in general. i'm not insane about it either but i usually have pop like 4 or 5 days a week ... hmm

  8. I have NEVER given up anything for lent. I went to Catholic school all my life and everyone was always doing it, and I never was into it (same with basically any religion-influenced traditions...) That said, I have a lot of respect for people who do (or try) to give something up.
    I've been giving up a lot of my favourite things since I started dieting in January so I figure that's good enough haha.
    PS. All I drink is water, green tea and diet pop too! (Fresca, Coke Zero or Diet Pepsi!)


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