March 24, 2011

♥♥♥ gonna see my boyf drake this weekend!

do you have pinterest? i do, and i am obviously in love.
please follow me:)

i'm looking forward to this weekend so very much:)

saturday ; after work heading to pickering for a breast cancer fundraiser (dinner & dance) with my ringette family ♥ there's a live band and dancing and awesomeness! i am excited to wear my new cute dress and get my hair done all pretty at work. but mostly excited for a night with my girls i grew up with and their ever! (& pete & my mom)
sunday ; breakfast at mum's ..and pete won tickets to the juno's!!!!! at work so we are going to the show, with great seats! super excited about that!!! it will be fun to dress up and go listen to some sweet canadian music :)

what are your plans for the weekend?!


  1. i added you to my pinterest!
    and such FUN weekend plans :)
    have a blast.
    im seeing my fam.jam this weekend!!

  2. Ohhhh Drake! He is suchhhh the looker!
    I have been watching him since Degrassi & its funny how all of a sudden he became sooo big. He is a great artist! xo


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