March 16, 2011

happiness is a warm gun.

how cute is this? i just about died when i saw it!:)
i love it so much..
i found it on pinterest
who has it?! i will follow you!

life has been good,
i had an amazing day off on monday
& i am looking forward to snuggles with my boy tonight!
so much to look forward to this week!
tomorrow ; going out with everyone from work for st.patty's day!
friday ; work then dinner at real sports bar (best everrr)
saturday ; work & then going to supermarket for my friends birthday
sunday ; kensington date with my boy!
monday ; pickering, doctors & taxes and visits with my mumsy

so busy, it's wonderful.
i love seeing everyone so happy with this wonderful weather that's been here...
glad it's keeping up for the next few days:)
it was so sweet being done work at 6:30 & the sun still shining!

i am thinking of doing a vlog soon!
maybe answering some questions from formspring or something?
hhhmmm, we'll see.

i will post my favourite movie clip later!


  1. fun plans!! looks like we both have a great weekend ahead of us :)
    and this weather is aaaamazing...makes everyone happier! i love it too!

    i tried your pinterest link and it didnt work...its my favourite site! i can spend waaay to much time on it!

    have a great weekend julie :)

  2. That image is ADORABLE!! I totally have you on pinterest. Isn't it addicting?! Haha. I could spend hourrrrrrrrs on there!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)