March 22, 2011


tuesday lovin'.
my pal carly over at teacups and bubblebaths posted this, and she got it from mucho mucho bueno beuno's blog. i thought it was a cool idea and i wanted to share my answers!

1. If you could live anywhere in the world where would that be?
i am quite a little traveller, and have been to lots of amazing places. i have seen so much beauty in so many different places - but it's a different feeling of where "home" is, and a big factor for me is my family and friends, because i would love to live in a lot of different places but only if i could take all of them with me (if this was moving somewhere forever) i absolutely love seattle! i fell in love with it one summer, so i could totally see myself living there. also england! in fact that miiiight be a possibility (i will post more about that later.) i also wouldn't mind living in thailand!(i loved it so much) or somewhere in western canada BC perhaps?

2. Are you happy with where you live?
yes, 100%!
it's such an incredible city and i fall more and more in love with it every day. it's so diverse and beautiful and there is so much to do! it's fun, and dynamic and wonderful. my heart is totally, truly in toronto :) && i love my area (yonge and st.clair) - it's so cute and quant with so many little shops and restaurants. my apartment is soooo cute (and reasonable!) and i live above one of my bestfriends, how could i not be happy about that? also, i live 2 minutes away from my work!
i am looking forward to summer in toronto to explore so much more of this amazing city! :)

3. How often do you go on vacation?
quite often! whether it's on a leisure vacation, or working while travelling, i love to explore! i find a way to go somewhere at least one a year. i don't even plan it that way, it's just how it happens and it feels right. life is too short to not do the things that you want to do! and if that means going on vacation to get away for a while and treat yourself, then GO FOR IT!

4. If you could change your profession and start all over what would you do?
ugh.. this is a really tough question for me considering i don't even have a career yet. i am interested in so much that it's always been hard for me to narrow it down to one specific thing. i hate that i still can't pin point exactly what i want to do/be.
i know it will happen but it does get very frustrating and discouraging. i try to stay focused and positive but it's not always that easy. one thing i do know is that my job is to make a difference in peoples lives. i don't exactly know how i am going to do that but i hope i find something perfect for me soon.
but, to be more specific...if there was one thing i regret not going to school for, it would be teaching. because i would want to be a kindergarden teacher because i think i would be a serrrriously amazing one!!!

5. Are you honestly happy right now?
when i first read this i had to kind of think of it for a second. i may not be exactly where i want to be financially or career wise - but i have an amazing life and goddammit i should be HAPPY! i have so much to make me smile and be thankful for. my family is the best ever, i have incredible friends (& lots of them!) and my boyfriend is amazing! i am living in a city a love, in a great apartment... i always have plans and keep busy, and have FUN! things can always be better, but i am more than happy right now with my life. counting my blessings, at least twice!

thanks carly for posting this
& thanks anyone who actually read my answers!


  1. it's never too late to go into teaching!

  2. your answers were good and i feel like we're kind of on the same page, life-wise. can't wait to have some good chats at our sleepover in april (whenever we decide on a date!)


  3. I am in the exact same position as you, as far as careers go so I totally know what you mean when you say you are trying to stay positive but it's so hard. I am good at anything I set my mind to and so many things interest me, but I feel like none of that is actually helping me to find a career. I'm in a job right now that I cannot seem to get away from and I have my heart set on working for the police but it's SO hard to get in and I've already been trying two years. It does get very discouraging. It's never too late for you to go back to school and be a teacher! You are still so young that it would be a shame to not do what you want, especially when you still have 40 years of work ahead of you.

  4. Your answers made me smile. You're so positive and full of good feelings! That kind of attitude is contagious, girl! <3

  5. fun! i think i will re-post this next week :)
    thanks for sharing your ideas.
    you will figure out what you want to do...sometimes you just have to pick something and go with it. it might not be perfect, but it might lead to something that is!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)