March 1, 2011

march goals!

march goals!
♥ make plans with at least one friend i haven't seen in a long time!
♥ make a homemade gift for someone
♥ spend a sunday at kensington market
♥ host people at my place that have never been
♥ go thrifting!
♥ re organize my book shelf
♥ finish my paul mccartney book
♥ surprise a friend with something in the mail
♥ try to plan out (healthier) meals weekly
♥ go out for st.patrick's day!
♥ go for a long walk every monday of this month
♥ go out to a mexican restaurant for date night
♥ compliment someone every day this month! (i think i do this anyway..)
♥ try to write back to all my comments on my blog!
♥ continue with my nightly work out from home.


  1. nice goals!! Wish I could do my goals, never get to it... :(

  2. These are amazing goals! And all totally doable.
    Yay for new months and fresh starts! Such a good feeling, right? <3

  3. wonderful goals! Makes me want to write down a sweet list like this!

  4. I haven't been to Kensington market in years! There used to be some pretty great Portuguese bakeries and restaurants there...and the world of cheese...are they still there?
    Great goals! Enjoy the beautiful sunshine we are getting today! xo

  5. tammy! thanks! and you soooo can, you just need to write them down, or bloggg about it:)

    jenny my love - i agree! i love starting new months me a bit of hope..hehhe

    amylou- thanks doll! you should! it's so fun!

    laurie anne - i love it there! yes they still have a few portuguese bakeries there...and world of cheese is still there too! thanks so much :)xo

  6. I have problems completing my goals for the day!

  7. I've been thinking about making a similar monthly goal list. Yay you for doing it!
    And actually I share many of your goals as well.
    Good luck with them! Perhaps I'll get brave and post my own goal list soon! ;)

  8. so if we hang out we can cover like 5 of these...

    hang with a friend you haven't seen in awhile, host someone new at your place (me!), spend a sunday at kensington market and go thrifting...

    okay, so that's only 4 but still!!

    you have mondays off, right? monday march 21st...does that work for you??


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