April 4, 2011

collections :)

hi pals ♥

sorry i haven't updated in a few days, i wasn't feeling too well and my internet has been down!

grrr, i hate that. i always feel so out of the loop when that happens.

i decided i am going to do a new feature on my blog, kinda whenever i feel like it / have the time

it's going to be all about my collections! i have so many, and if you know me or ever saw my apartment you'd see what i mean:) hehe..i have so many fun ones i thought i'd like to share!

my first collection is...

my nail polish

i looooove painting my nails! in fact i almost always have them painted! i just feel so weird then they aren't all pretty and colourful.

i paint my nails 3 - 4 times a week! i feel like i am getting pretty darn good at it!

also, i am lucky enough to get my nails done sometimes at my work too, we have so many pretty colours so it's fun to try them all out.

i will feature a bunch more of my collections on my blog in the near future.

also - thanks for all the comments on my april goals!

it's so fun getting that many comments:) i will reply to them all soon.

also - some of you guys were asking about my diet/cleanse, so i am going to do a post about it this week. i am on day 3, and i am soooo hungry. hahahaha, nah it's not THAT bad.....



  1. Hey Ive just found your blog and i love it!
    I have a huge nail varnish collection and now ive got into nail art and stamping too!
    Good look on the diet im dieting too and it can be hard. :] xxx


  2. Wow! You have so many nail varnishes.. like an awesome rainbow! :) My sister has a nail blog with some cute designs, here's her link http://bonitabonbons.blogspot.com/
    Looking forward to seeing the rest of your collections! Good luck with the rest of your cleanse/diet!

  3. Yay! I'm not alone in the world of obsessive nail polish purchases! I love your collection, very colorful!

  4. i also collect nail polish. which i have stored by color on my bathroom counter/vanity. i call myself a nail polish ho! ;)

  5. oh gosh, we are the same when it comes to painting nails. i do mine at least that many times a week too and i have soooo many, it's disgusting! well, awesome really haha.

    TWO SLEEPS xoxoxox


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)