April 8, 2011


cupcake confessions ;
hi hi :)
so as most of you know...
i love cupcakes! it's not so much that i love eating them (but obviously they are wonderful) but i just think they are cute, just adorable, and i truly believe that they make people HAPPY!

i have been baking cupcakes for about 7 years and have been in love with cupcake culture for the past 5 or so years...i personally feel that i loved cupcakes "before they were cool"...
i used to bake cupcakes all the time, and really enjoyed doing so. i liked to be creative with them and make them super fun, cute and personal. people started complimenting my work so often and saying "why don't you start your own business?" etc.
so in spring of 2009 i did just that. i decided to start my own little cupcakes business, from home, on the side - for fun! because it was something i enjoyed doing.
i named it CUPCAKES MADE WITH LOVE ♥ (obvs)

over the last few years i have done lots of orders for friends, family, friends of friends, strangers, etc.. it's good to make a bit of extra money on the side, but mostly i love it because it lets me be creative and cute... 2 of my favourite things.

when i lived at home with my mom in pickering i was getting orders quite often, and since i was off on weekends i was finding the extra time to get them all in.
last summer i moved downtown toronto, and with my current jobs and the hours it entails (working saturdays, later during the week) it's been hard to find the time to bake cupcakes.
i would make them for peoples birthdays and bring them into work & such, but haven't been baking them as often as i would like.

in the last month or so, i have noticed so many people doing the whole cake and cupcake thing and found myself getting a bit discouraged. thinking mine weren't good enough and how would i compete with so many other people? but you know what? i had a break through this week! i decided i am going to keep on truckin' - because i make some pretty damn good cupcakes and i love doing it, so it's time to get the ball rolling again! i am going to keep baking and making people happy with my orders, and hopefully...someday...if i can somehow make it happen
open my own cupcake shop
(a girl can dream right?)

this past week i got a few orders (one in july and one in october) so they are far off, but i am still getting excited! one of them is for a wedding in october, an old friend of mine from high school so i am SO exciiiiiiited about that one!
it's given me some inspiration to get baking.

so in the next few months i plan on making some big moves.
new recipes..
new & fresh ideas...
new supplies..
& taking some classes to keep things creative!

so there you have it folks...
the cupcake queen is BACK!

i plan on doing a post this weekend with some of my favourite cupcakes that i have made over the last few years. so stay tuned and make sure you eat before reading :) hehe
also - if you'd like to follow/check out my cupcake blog...please do so!


  1. i can attest to two things: you definitely liked cupcakes before they were 'cool' and yes ladies and gentleman, she makes a damn good cupcake too!

    you were baking the other day...will there be any cuppys leftover when i visit tomorrow? hehe just sayin'

  2. Congrats to you for following your dream! I hoped over to your other blog and you make some awesome looking cupcakes! Stick with it!!!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)