April 22, 2011

emma stone is hot!

good friday bloggin'
happy easter weekend everyone ♥
last night pete and i and a bunch of friends went to go see our friends band play at clinton's tavern for their cd release, and so many of my friends were there - it was so great to see everyone! it was basically a high school reunion..and i loved it.
after coming home at about 2am we ate some creme eggs and giggled ourselves to sleep.
pete and i are having such a nice, relaxing day off. we went for brunch with a bunch of friends this morning and now we are snuggled up watching sister act (haha, random but i just got it on dvd and pete has never seen it)
after some serious relaxing & lounging i need to get to work!
i have about 60-7o cupcakes to bake tonight :)
i have a cupcake order of 24 for tomorrow, and tomorrow night pete and i are going to our friends birthday and i am going to bake her the prettiest cuppycakes.

so today is hot as f$ck friday, i haven't done one in a while because it's always a busy day for me, so here it goes... i have been saving this one up for a while, because i am kind of sort of a bit in love with her (hehehe) she's a total girl crush for me

this weeks hottie;;
emma stone ♥
how perfect is she?!
i love her as a red head, but i love her blonde too :)
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  1. I love her. She's so cute. I almost bought Easy A today as a matter of fact.

  2. isn't she? just love her. i have been waiting to buy it on dvd because for some reason every where i look for it, it's like $27.99! i love it though!

  3. I love Emma Stone!! My mom and I just watched Easy A last night.......good grief I would kill to have her body! And her red hair. :]

  4. I'm principally against her going blonde, but that's just because I'm a redhead. :) Other than that, total girl crush for me too. She's gorgeous, and an amazing actress!

  5. I love her, she's so cute! Although she needs to stick with the reddish hair!


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