April 19, 2011


tonight is going to be amazinggggg... because...
GLEE IS BACK! (finally, omg)
any other gleeks ridiculously excited about tonights episode?!
also - i am so happy to announce that...
i am going to see the cast of glee live
i can't even explain how excited i am...i know it seems silly because i'm 26 but, it just makes me happy! i am going with 3 of my besties:) 1 girl, 3 gays. it's going to be SO FUN!♥
glee live in toronto, sunday june 13th !!!!! :)


  1. GLEEK and proud of it. So excited that Glee is back!! XO!

  2. Loved that episode! lucky you!

  3. My boyfriend and I LOVE watching Glee together! We haven't watched the newest episode yet. We plan to tonight! I can't wait!

    ps. Thanks so much for visiting my blog the other day!


  4. umm, yes so stoked! i had to watch it via internet though cause i didn't want to wait til they aired it here in finland hah (:


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