April 20, 2011

let it be :)

my let it be story

so, as some of you may know. one of my tattoo's says "let it be", it's on my wrist, and it's cute as can be. i love it:) i got it a few years ago and it has so much meaning to me..
not only am i absolutely in love with the beatles (still), but i love that song so much, i think it's one of the most peaceful, beautiful songs ever. also - i love the meaning, let it be... everything is going to be alright, be thankful for what you have etc.
it is a constant reminder to me! & i love that!

so on saturday while coming from the subway to union station in toronto, there was a guy busking for change in the foyer, and he was SO GOOD:) i don't stop all that often to listen but i just couldn't help it this time, it was so wonderful. so as he sang "let it be" on a rainy saturday, people started to gather around and i stayed for the whole song. the guy seemed so happy to have an audience for a full number, since most people just kinda walk by.
at the end of the song, i gave him 5 dollars and told him how great he sounded, i also showed him my tattoo and he said "oh my god! that is amazing! wow, i am going to being telling this story for like a year" hahaha, it was so cute!

i just wanted to share how sometimes the most simple things can make someones day!
so now go...
make someones day :)


  1. awesome story.
    so many people walk by the buskers without even noticing them.
    you made his day!!!

  2. I love beatles music as tattoos. . . . I'm getting All you need is love as a tattoo. They are probably one of the most inspirational bands ever.

  3. awww, love that jujubes!

    i had a similar, but not so cute moment today. was heading to work, having not-so-good of a day and i was walking by a man singing guitar on the street and right as i walked by he said "everythings going to be alright" (i don't know what song it was) and anyway, it made me smile!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)