April 10, 2011

meet up!

toronto blogger meet up!! ♥
so i right now i am drinking wine right now with my girl carly
(hahaha wow, solid sentence...wine indeed!)
& we are talking about planning a toronto blogger meet up...
just wondering who would be interested in joining us?!
we are just kind of brain storming right now, and then we want to talk about what weekends work for everyone. i know it's definitely going to be challenging since we are all so busy but we can make it happen!
ok now carly is obsessed with doing a vlog so we might do that but i am nervous! lolz.
K SO...


  1. EFF I wish I didn't have my doctor's appt in the am cause I would've come to Toronto today and we all could have gotten together. Plus I wanna VLOG!

    Anyway, as you know I am 100% down and I would love to help you & Car plan if you need some extra help. (I only work 18hrs a week and therefore have a LOT of time on my hands!)

    The only weekend so far that WON'T work for me is the weekend of July 16th as that is mine & Jackson's 3rd year anniversary.

    Other than that, I never work weekends sooooo yeah!

    YAY I'm so excited... <3333

  2. I'm in! anything but easter weekend works well for me. oh and June 25th is the tragically hip in bobcaygeon which will be amazing!

    looking forward to it, let me know if you need any help with anything, I would be super happy to help :)

  3. julie, we never vlogged. i'm so mad at you ;) kidding. kind of. anyway, super stoked on this! we need to skype about it in more detail. i'll post something on my blog about it as well and see who responds...we should probably tweet it to...:)

  4. if i am around when the date is chosen - ill be there! sounds fun!

  5. p.s. i sent something to your facebook inbox about this ♥


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