May 1, 2011

april wrap up :)

welcome may! ♥
wow, i can't believe how fast april flew by! :)
it was a good month for me, and a VERY busy one.
i didn't get all of my goals crossed off because i was too busy being he busiest girl ever. so, here is my april goals wrap up

* complete diet/cleanse
* see 3 movies i want to see
* do lots of spring cleaning
* clean out closet/bins
* make a solid visa payment - it was good, but not solid (haha)
* spread more anonymous love
* start planning a BLOG meet up - i really need to get on this!
* get a plant for my apartment
* go to david's tea
* go to a jays game
* host friends who haven't been over before
* take more time to read and comment on blogs
* re-vamp resume

today has been a very relaxing day:)
went out for a bit, to start birthday shopping for my boy, now i am getting caught up on some things, watching adventures in babysitting and drinking tea♥

i am going to post my may goals tomorrow!
& i will also share my exciting news, yay:)
here are some recent photo's i thought i would share with you darlings!
happy sunday♥ ;;

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  1. aw, such cute photos! lindsay's wearing a divided dress :) also, i am so excited about your news (SO proud of yooou!)

    i love your little 'all you need is take some'...cutie.

  2. I am loooovin' that picture of you & your man! Too cute :)

  3. all u need is love pic? fantastic!

  4. yesss, linds looks so cute and pregnant. yesss i am so excited too, thanks girly! haha thanks, it was so fun to do, and someone wrote me the cutest note ever on it. made my day/week!

    thanks jamie! not too shabby eh? :)

    aw, thanks teddi !!! so fun!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)