May 2, 2011

best news ever!:)

so i mentioned the other day that i have some exciting news,
and since i am not entirely sure who exactly reads my blog i wanted to wait to share it, just to be sure -

i got a new job!!!
i am extremely happy & excited about this job:) i was so close to giving up because it's so hard out there job hunting, and most importantly finding something in your job field. for the longest time, i haven't known exactly what i wanted to do, or who i wanted to be. one thing i know for sure is that i am very passionate about travel♥ - when i first heard about this place, and went to their website, and learned more about them, i knew this would be a place i would totally excel!
the job is at a student travel company:) i will be helping teens, and their parents with the organizing of their trips. one of the best parts is that i will also have the opportunity to go on some of the trips as a trip leader! the idea of being able to work in the office behind the scenes for the trips, AND also be a part of them is like a dream for me. the office is right downtown toronto, on queen street west (pretty much my favourite area of toronto) and it seems like such a fun, laid back and hip environment! i am so excited for some new challenges, experiences and to learn more about the company and the places they travel to!
some of the places include ;;
cuba, bahamas, costa rica, mexico, montreal, quebec, banff, barcelona, italy, france, australia, morocco etc.
i am so ready for this new adventure in my life and hope that this will be perfect for me. i've been applying to this place for months & months and now i am going to be working there! yayyyy! i think this is going to be a great adventure
i am definitely going to miss my pals from my current job because we all get along well and they are seriously amazing people. i have made so many wonderful friends there & know that we will all keep in touch.
but, it's time for me to get back into what makes me happy...
i start my new job a week today,
i am so excited&nervous.
can't wait:)


  1. That's really exiting! Congratulations!! It sounds like your persistance in persuing your dreams really payed off and that's very inspiring! I hope that your new job is as much fun and as rewarding as you want it to be! This is fantastic news! Well done! :)

  2. Awesome!!! How exciting!!!!! Congratulations, Lovely! You will totally excel at this job. Sounds amazing!

  3. congratulations julie!!!!
    sounds perfect for you.
    cant wait to hear more about it.

  4. i am so so so so soooooo freaking excited for you julie. you deserve this SO much!! they are lucky to have you.


  5. oh my goodness that sounds like a blast of fun, so excited for u! can't wait to see all your traveling adventures ahead. :)

  6. Congratulations on the new job! Sounds incredible!
    Gotta love a job that allows you to travel like that
    Cheray x

  7. Woohoo, congrats!! The job sounds amazing.

  8. Nice job....Congrats!! It's def something for you juuls. What is the company called? And no trips to New Zealand or Holland? :( x

  9. congrats!! i am so super happy for you! ya ya ya!!

  10. Congrats! The job sounds wonderful!

  11. Wow congrats! I remember using those kinds of services when I was a student in England.. it was great! Who doesn't love thinking and daydreaming of traveling all day! And that kate spade ad... gorgeous!

    The Weekend File

  12. Sounds like a job that I would love too. I love to travel & went to travel school online. Do they have other offices in other parts of the country? Congrats. I'm sure you will love the job.

  13. it must be that time of year! i just got a new job too and i am sooooo happy! congrats, your new job sounds fantastic!



  14. Congratulations :) i'm in the process of (hopefully) starting a new job as well. I'm more just nervous, not so much excited.

  15. Congrats, I know the feeling of wanting to give up while looking for a job. I'm searching right now and finding the right one that will make you happy is hard. I'm still trying to figure out what I want to do and its nice to see its possible. :)


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