May 24, 2011


hi hi hi :)
so a while i posted about all my collections, and how i am going to do some features of my many many....many collections! so here we go...
collections : part two
i decided for this one i would show them off to you with my photobooth.
i have 23 pairs! just silly i know. but when you can buy a pair for $5, how can i resist?


  1. Aww you are so pretty!! I love them all, the last ones might be my faves! :)

  2. eee! you and your sunnies are soooo cute! you have some really awesome pairs!

  3. these are adorbs. I need to start collecting sunnies!

  4. jules 23 pairs of sunglasses? crazy cuz i can barely find 1 pair i look decent n. but u look fantastic in evry single pair! luvin the pix, how they show ur hair, & red lipstick!

  5. oooh i love the white cat eye ones! isn't it awesome how easy it is to be photogenic with shades on? i often get people to start with wearing shades if they're nervous when i take portraits :)

  6. OMG I love this. The Heart ones are my favorites. I only have two pairs but you make me want to have 23 too!!!

  7. HOLY SHITE GIRL. That is a lot of sunglasses. And wouldn't you know it -- you look FAB in ALL of them!
    Jealous... I have a weird/small head/face so it's really hard for me to find sunnies that suit me!

  8. I love the white cat eye ones!! This is such a great idea for a blogpost! Great collection :) xxx


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