May 30, 2011

hihi, i miss you.

monday's aren't so bad when you like your job!
i have been so incredibly busy, time is totally flying by.
today marks my 4th week at my new job and things are going great!
had a crazy busy week & an insane weekend - but loved every second of it.

i have lots of things i want to update about so look forward to some fun things coming up!
my uncle al is visiting from thailand right now so i am so happy to see him and spend time with him and the rest of my family :)

it's supposed to (FINALLY) be a beautiful week in toronto - so excited for the sunshine♥

i can't believe may is almost over, big things for june!
may goals wrap up to come in the next few days &&&
june goals too!
also - i have narrowed down the blogger dates so i am going to get everyone to vote on the best date for our meet up? mmmmkay?

hope everyone is good and i will try to make it over to your blogs in the next few days to catch up & comment. but for now - back to work i go!

happy monday
(it is!)


  1. So true Mondays are not the end of the world when your job is not horrible. I am excited though because I got a new job and I start next week! I'm Nervous excited but like you think I am going to be happy.

  2. It is brilliant you like your job...what is the point in working if you hate your job?! I love Toronto, hope your weather improves. It is DREADFUL in the UK at the moment which sucks :(
    Happy Tuesday! xxx

  3. diane - i know eh! congrats on the new job. it's nerve racking but exciting at the same time. i hope you love it!

    tori - you're right, it's so much better enjoying your spend so much of your life working! i love toronto too. this week has been AMAZING so far, summer is finally here (i hope!)xo


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