May 23, 2011

proud blogger

blog feelings...
so, i have been thinking a lot lately about my blog, and what it is to me and to others. i definitely enjoy posting on my blog, although i don't feel that i post the most exciting things, they are things that i like, and that make me happy. i try to post cute and positive things that i enjoy, and that i think others will enjoy.
successful bloggers all have a certain way about them. they are all cute as can be, crafty, stylish, entertaining, successful, married or have cute babies, post pretty photo's of themselves - and i love reading their blogs, obviously! but..i am not one of them, and a lot of us aren't like them. but there is nothing wrong with that! everyone i follow is awesome. beautiful girls, with exciting and inspiring posts. i love reading all of your blogs!
i have decided that as far as blogs go - i want to take more time to read the blogs of the people who actually read and comment on my blog. i have close to 400 followers, but get only few comments on each post. i know there are so many different blogs out there so it is hard to keep track of them all, and leave comments as well. i want to focus more on all of you guys who actually take the time to read & comment on my blog! thank you so much! it's nice to know that there are actually people out there reading and enjoying my blog.
i don't want to put any pressure on myself as to what to post on my blog - because the whole point of a blog is to have FUN & enjoy updating it!
so, to anyone who has been friends new & old - don't be afraid to say hi! i love to hear from you, and your comments always make me smile. & i am going to focus more on leaving you some comment loveeeee :)♥
i hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. I love this post. I think blogging is about sharing yourself with the world and touching peoples lives who can relate to you in some way. I love reading blogs and connecting with people from all over. Knowing that I'm not alone in this search for something more out life, something meaningful. Thats why I love your blog! Its cute,fun,quirky,random,touching,inspiring and REAL.

  2. I love this post & I love you! You are a very real, original & adorable blogger & I love your cheerfulness! You were one of the first blogs I started following! :)

  3. i have to admit, i need to comment more. and actually, i bet you i have 40 000 posts that are unread in my google reader.
    my blogging involvement goes in spurts i guess!
    but i always like peeking in on someone else in the t dot.
    did you see the giant rainbow after the storm tonight? pretty ;)

  4. I like this post. I think sometimes I get caught up in trying to come up with things people will like but now I think I'll focus more on what I like. The readers who will like it will find it. And if they don't I'm still going to love it. :) I think your blog is great and you should be proud of it. Keep doing what makes you happy. :)

  5. I completely understand girl

  6. although i don't always comment i absolutely love your blog and all the cute things/sayings/movie clips that you post about! you are a bright and cheery addition to my blog reading!

  7. we love you just the way you are, cutie!
    your positivity and adorable and sweet ways always come shining through, and that's what makes you special in your own 'category' of bloggers! you are yourself!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)